Big Gigantic at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Big Gigantic Tickets

Red Rocks Amphitheatre | Morrison, Colorado

Big Gigantic

Before you completely say goodbye to summer, you should check out this rip-roaring rager designed to excite all your senses! These electronica titans have been delivering their high-intensity music festival at the iconic Red Rocks since 2012! Now, they are returning to serve their most exhilarating production yet! On Saturday, 28th September 2024, ravers across the world are set to gather for Big Gigantic’s Rowdytown! Look out for some of the most thrilling presentations of electronic, hip-hop, dubstep and more as Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken present two groundbreaking sets at the Red Rocks Amphitheater! This extravaganza will surely bring the house down with epic percussions, cinematic production, and a plethora of remarkable instrumentation! If you’re up for some out-of-this-world entertainment, this is exactly where you’re supposed to go! Do yourself a favor and join this rave of legendary proportions by securing your access now through the Get Tickets link!

If you’re looking for the most monumental rave this season, you better mark your calendars, book your trip, and secure your access! This legendary rager waits for no one! The most thrilling livetronica extravaganza will be making its phenomenal return to the iconic venue! Since 2012, the Red Rocks has consistently hosted the Rowdytown Fest, a signature show presented by Boulder, Colorado, natives Big Gigantic. This duo will be delivering its 12th showcase just before the fall weather hits Morrison on Saturday 28th, September 2024! The extravaganza spectacle - which promises an all-out production, also features groundbreaking performances from special guests The Floozies and Sunsquabi.

This year’s theme, Rowdytown XII: Neon Dreams, is a festival of epic proportions, with Big Gigantic going crazy on production. This 2024, the duo will be performing two sets: a sunset chill mix and a Rowdytown set. Fans can look forward to outstanding cinematic visuals (think LED screens, pyrotechnics, laser strobes!) in conjunction with a remarkable soundscape that only Big Gigantic can serve. The duo, who’s now based in Denver, is known for their genre-bending tendencies. Their incredible knack for fusing various genres, such as electronica, jazz, dubstep, hip-hop and more, has made them a truly versatile act. Their distinct mix has also made them one of the most impressive and innovative acts in the circuit. Unlike most EDM shows, Big Gigantic brings out various musical instruments, from saxophone keyboards to drums and more. Its addictive harmony of sounds turns the set into one of the most phenomenal live shows one can ever see. Hence, since emerging in 2009, Big Gigantic has amassed a massive cult following - and these fans flock to Red Rocks to see the duo every year, selling out show after show.

There is no question that Big Gigantic is a festival favorite. The duo’s epic production and myriad of adrenaline-rushing tracks can easily put a crowd, comprising tens of thousands of ravers, on a trip to cloud nine. Their set’s intensity will always be one of the highlights. Hence, the duo has performed in countless popular festivals, such as Coachella, Ultra, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, and many more. However, despite these several appearances, the fans still anticipate Big Gigantic’s annual Rowdytown Fest. The show has gained a stark reputation for going all out with special effects and production. So if you want to check out Big Gigantic in their best element, you better secure your access now before you miss out!

Big Gigantic at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

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