Ganja White Night – 2 Day Pass at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Ganja White Night - 2 Day Pass Tickets

Red Rocks Amphitheatre | Morrison, Colorado

This spring, the Red Rocks Amphitheater welcomes the sensational electronic duo Ganja White Night! The magnificent dubstep icons are set to deliver the greatest hits and most epic remixes on Saturday, 6th May, and Sunday, 7th May 2023! The much-awaited performance will also feature some jaw-dropping lighting effects and out-of-this-world drops that will have you dancing all night! This two-day EDM spectacle is anticipated to bring in the most energetic and fun-loving ravers from all around North America! If you’re one of these kindred spirits, you should hurry and score tickets before they’re gone!

Ganja White Night - 2 Day Pass at Red Rocks Amphitheater

The phenomenal EDM duo Ganja White Night comprises producers Benjamin “Bamby” Bayeul and Charlie “Erwan” Dodson. The two DJs from Belgium are self-taught producers who took it upon themselves to learn sound design and Musique concrete. They attended the La Conservatoire Royal of Mons, a prestigious music school in Belgium, and learned under the acclaimed composer, Annette Vande Gorne. The duo’s passion for electronic music was unmatched. Thus, they pursued music full-time and released their debut album in 2010.

As purveyors of underground electronic music, Ganja White Night continued to grow their niche following and eventually created a massive fan base through social media, word of mouth, and relentlessly touring and performing in major festivals. The duo, which is self-released, has also worked with several independent labels, including Zed’s Dead’s Deadbeats.

Since their debut, Ganja White Night has dropped numerous incredible singles, such as “Jungle Juice,” “Flava,” “Badman,” “Miss You,” and many more. In 2023, the duo dropped their latest single, “Womp Portal,” and received wide critical acclaim from fans and critics.

Catch Ganja White Night as they conquer the Red Rocks Amphitheater for two nights! Two-day passes are now available for fans who want to experience Ganja White Night’s exhilarating set two nights in a row!

Ganja White Night - 2 Day Pass at Red Rocks Amphitheater

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