STS9: Sound of the Light – Sound Tribe Sector 9 – 2 Day Pass at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre | Morrison, Colorado


Combining elements of instrumental rock, electronic music, funk, jazz, drum and bass, psychedelia, and hip hop… this group play a more diverse sound than anybody else! Described as the masters of "post-rock dance music," Sound Tribe Sector 9 are once again coming to rock out at the Red Rocks! And this time they bring you the very newest, and freshest of sounds in “Sound Of The Light.”

This is where you all get to experience the Sound of the Light of the Universe in a 2 night long exploration of sound and light at the amazing Red Rocks Amphitheatre, in Morrison, Colorado on Friday, July 21st and Saturday, July 22nd. Each night will feature 3, fully unique, custom-crafted sets - the middle set of each night will be a special "ChromaLight" set!!!

This awesome instrumental band has played here almost as many times as in their home state of California! And this looks to be the equal of their great shows, so get your tickets right now!

“Red Rocks is an ancient monument built to mark astronomical events and capture the light of the cosmos - our production is the instrument we use to experience and project this light.” The band announced on social media, following it shortly with this explanation. “Sound of the Light in July, the harmony of sound, color, and light. Each night will feature 3 total STS9 sets, and 1 set each night will feature a special ChromaLight set, where we synchronize our instruments with the lighting and production. Colorwaves will influence soundwaves. Different keys make different colors. Scales = Spectrums. Sound-to-color synesthesia. We aim to create new realities and transcendent moments at a venue that has fostered many memories for STS9 since 2003.” “Red Rocks is iconic for us. Every year we try to outdo the year before, and 20 years later we’re gonna take it up another notch. Join us for another magical weekend in Colorado!”

Begging way back in 1997, in the town of Snellville, just outside Atlanta, Georgia, the band have since migrated to Santa Cruz, California. The Jam band, STS9 – or Sound Tribe Sector 9 self describes their music as a blend of traditional rock instruments with electronic elements, focusing more on group rhythm rather than individual solos, and call this amalgamation, "post-rock dance music." STS9 is guitarist and keyboardist Hunter Brown, percussionist and keyboardist Jeffree Lerner, keyboardist and synth master David Phipps, bass guitarist and keyboardist David Murphy, drummer Zach Velmer, and bass guitarist Alana Rocklin

Touring extensively throughout the US, as well as internationally, the band have headlined stages at Summer Camp, Wakarusa, Moogfest, Bonnaroo, Outside Lands Festival, Regeneration, Lollapalooza, Camp Bisco, and Electric Forest Festival. With a total of 12 studio albums, with their latest being, The Universe Inside, as well as two remixed albums called Artifact: Perspectives and Peaceblaster: Make it Right Remixes. They've also put out a bunch of live DVDs like Live as Time Changes, Axe The Cables, and various other live performances. The band releases all of their music through their own label, 1320 Records, garnering a massive over 300,000 unique downloads and more than 1,000 releases by over 100 artists. Some of the artists on their label include Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic, ESKMO, and the Glitch Mob.

STS9 at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

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