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Red Rocks Amphitheatre | Morrison, Colorado

Lord Huron

'Oh take me back to the night we met... They've won our hearts with striking and emotional anthems, and their newest album, "Long Lost," definitely made all of us shed a tear or two. Opening a new chapter as 2024 comes rushing in, Lord Huron is set to embark on a new global tour. Part of the band's sought-after set of shows includes a stop at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater, performing live under the stars on Wednesday, May 29. Sending shivers and tears since their breakout hit single "The Night We Met", their lyrical and melodic tales continue to serve all the feels. Globally acclaimed for their beautiful and emotional folk and indie rock hits, a Lord Huron show never fails to send audiences in awe, with every lyric striking the heart. If you've been feeling a little 'long lost, Lord Huron is here to keep you company. Book your tickets now.

Rooted in Michigan, Lord Huron founder Ben Schneider initially began music as a solo project and later on formed what would become Lord Huron, as a band. Exploring the indie scene since 2010, the band found its breakthrough with its hit single "The Night We Met", further popularized by the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why". The track belonged to their 2015 album "Strange Tails", which debuted on the Billboard 200 at #23, and hit #1 on the Folk Albums chart. Sending shivers and tears around the globe, Lord Huron rose to mainstream acclaim, and the single earned itself a 3x Platinum certification from the RIAA.

Though they might have been globally recognized only in 2017, Lord Huron has always stayed true to its sonic brand of old tales through emotional and heartfelt melodies. "Lonesome Dreams" marked the start of a journey of striking every listener's heart. It's not just about sad tunes and emotional vibes, Lord Huron knows how to speak, with every lyric felt by the heart. "We had this fun idea that Lonesome Dreams was kind of this series of old adventure tales." Ben Schneider shared in an interview. Since then, the adventure goes on.

In 2018, Lord Huron released their third studio album "Vide Noir". The record peaked at #9 on the Billboard 200, producing fan-favorite singles "Ancient Names (Part I)", "Wait by the River", and "Never Ever". In 2021, they soared to greater heights, releasing their critically acclaimed new album "Long Lost". It features their newest anthems, "Not Dead Yet", "Mine Forever", "Long Lost", and "I Lied" with Allison Ponthier.

In a feature by Atwood Magazine, "Listening to Lord Huron’s fourth album is like stepping back in time to a forgotten world; to an era from the past that you can’t place your fingers on," the author wrote. Sending listeners to a melancholy trip down past memories, every single song is a relatable world on its own.

Lord Huron is known for its vintage and classic inspirations, with their sonic novels sharing '50s and '60s melancholy vibes. "We were looking for a way to be evocative and nostalgic in an indefinable way," Ben Schneider shared with Atwood Magazine. "I do think there’s a real value in referencing music of the past, just because people already have emotion tied up with that music, so you kinda get it for free by reminding people of that music, even in subtle ways," he explains. He further adds that hey take their own spin on these old sounds, ensuring that the message and emotion desired is beautifully served to the listener.

As Lord Huron opens a new chapter in their sonic novel, make sure to mark your spots for an adventure under the stars at the Red Rocks. Book those tickets now!

Lord Huron at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

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