Needtobreathe & Judah and The Lion at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

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Needtobreathe & Judah and The Lion

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Celebrating the release of their new album, "CAVES", American rock band NEEDTOBREATHE is hitting the stage, serving its life-affirming bangers in concert. Marking a special show at the iconic Red Rock Amphitheater, the "Brother" rockers are bringing along a special guest, Judah and The Lion, at their new record's supporting world tour. Together, they're bringing infectious nights of affirming rock tunes live at the Red Rocks on Sunday, May 19th of the upcoming new year. Having built a massive following for their empowering and energetic southern groove, the band also gained the attention of Christian Rock crowd for their deeply meaningful anthems that raise all praises high. You can expect the band's newest hits - "Everknown", "The Cave", and "Hideaway" to be performed on stage alongside longtime crowd favorites and new anthems. Affirming rock music underneath a starry night, between heavenly rock formations, we're definitely in! Get ready to be blessed by the power of rock music led by NEEDTOBREATHE by booking those tickets now!

With powerful new anthems and deeply personal rockin' tales, NEEDTOBREATHE is celebrating the release of "CAVES" with a brand-new tour. "Who’s ready for The CAVES World Tour!" the band announced on Instagram right before the new record struck the airwaves. "We’ll be delivering all your favorites old and new every night."

The CAVES WORLD TOUR's first leg kicks off this fall, with its second trek extending throughout 2024. Featuring special guest Judah & The Lion, the tour's next trek includes a special stop at the iconic Red Rock Amphitheater on May 19th. Underneath the stars between heavenly red rock formations, the band's empowering and affirming rock tunes are a perfect fit for the legendary venue. The crowd's definitely bound to be blessed by the power of live music.

Despite some of their record's uplifting themes and the acclaim of Christian music fans, NEEDTOBREATHE stands its ground as a band made for everyone, with its music welcoming listeners of any background with open arms. As a band, they've attained both mainstream hits and recognition alongside Christian acclaim and accolades, including a Grammy Award nomination. Their biggest hits include "Washed by the Water", "Something Beautiful", "Brother", "Hard Love", and "Multiplied".

In an interview with Country Now, frontman Bear Rinehart shares,"We’ve been working on the tour for months now already, rehearsing and getting the set list together and all that, so it’ll be the most ambitious, big tour we’ve ever done,"

With a massive new album and a string of chart-topping records and hits, NEEDTOBREATHE is set to empower and uplift every spirit at the CAVES World Tour. "We’re putting 10,000 people in a room that don’t believe the same way, they’re different ages, they like different styles of music, you know, trying to make that night special. You know, how do we become a community for that night, you know, under one roof?" he continued.

As a band that highly emphasizes that their music is for everyone to enjoy, their prime goal is to leave every audience inspired. With a new album "brimming with anthemic arena-worthy sounds," as exclaimed by American Songwriter, it's bound to be an explosive show of passion and inspiration.

Don't miss out on the CAVES World Tour live at the Red Rock Amphitheater by booking your tickets now!

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