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Parcels at Red Rocks Amphitheatre



Parcels – Band

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

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All the way from Australia, we're delivering massive news! The Australian electropop band, Parcels, is coming to town! Following the exciting release of their new live album, the band is taking their hits to the live stage. If you think the Indietronica masters are just stopping by for a quick and humble show, well, you're in for a surprise. Day or night, their music definitely hits hard, and it's about to hit even harder as the band stages their first-ever Red Rocks headlining show, and it's their only stop in the US! A dream come true, they're looking forward to celebrating this milestone with all of their US fans at the iconic venue, performing under the stars at the Red Rocks Amphitheater on Monday, June 17. It's truly one for the books! Jet-set to perform across the globe, don't miss out on their only US stop by booking your tickets now!

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Fresh from the release of their poppin' Live Vol. 2 album, Parcels is embracing massive beats in their signature Indietronica brand. Formed in 2014, rooted in Australia, the band headed to Berlin, the heart of Europe's iconic clubbing scene. Right at the center of music creativity with new wave, techno, and hip-hop influences taking the stage, Parcels found itself at the epicenter of passion and culture for their craft. In 2017, the band found massive acclaim for their collaborative track with Daft Punk, "Overnight". Describing themselves as "sort of a blend between electro-pop and disco-soul," the band dropped their self-titled debut LP in 2018, and their acclaimed sophomore album "Day/Night" in 2021.

Their LPs highlighted their signature electronica beats with beautiful melodies and "‘60s mops swishing in harmony" as described by NME. "Live Vol.2" changed the game. This time around, they're sharing eccentric and hard-hitting club beats, overflowing with infectious energy. Hopping on a series of shows throughout 2024, Parcels is switching the heat up, announcing their only US stop at the iconic Red Rocks on June 17th.

"This is one I think every artist dreams of doing: announcing a show at Red Rocks," the band announced on social media. "That day has come for us. On the 17th of June, we’ll be playing the iconic venue as our only headline show in the US for 2024. So let’s make it count!"

Now, that's one for the books. With energy appearing to be at its all-time high, you can expect a wild night under the stars at the band's headlining Red Rocks show. Imagine, a mega rave or club party under the starry night. Count us in!

With the second volume of their live album out and about sharing new energies, can we expect a new album anytime soon? What will their next record sound like? In a conversation with NME, Louis shared that "We talk a lot about ideas for the future, but I think actually at the moment, we’re trying to talk and plan less and just accept what comes and follow fresh ideas where they go," Folks, they're living for the moment!

With energy at its all-time high, expect a wild crowd at the iconic Red Rocks. They're definitely bound to shake everyone up with their hard-hitting bops. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now! We've got you covered!

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