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Red Rocks Amphitheatre | Morrison, Colorado

The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers just announced a string of shows this summer, including a special run at the Red Rocks featuring a special guest for each day. On Friday, July 5th, the band is tagging along Little Feat live on stage. Currently on their third gleam, the folk-rockers are expected to launch a new era sometime soon... but for now, they're blessing the stage with their roster of hits and fan favorites. You can expect the band to play their best anthems over the last twenty years alongside their newer releases. Back in 2020, they released the third installment to the Gleam series, and fans have been longing to get their hands on what's next. Over the next months leading up to their 2024 shows, we've got our fingers crossed! Led by Seth and Scott Avett, they've got the whole world feelin' "I and Love and You"... timeless hits and classics you'll keep coming back to. Don't miss out on this special Red Rocks show with special guest Little Feat. Book your tickets now!

Twenty years in the scene, The Avett Brothers have redefined folk-rock for generations to come. Known for their unique blend of sonic influences and inspirations matched with their striking and honest lyrics, they've blessed all of us with a roster of hits - including "Magpie and the Dandelion" and "I and Love and You". Back in 2020, they released the third installment to their Gleam series of EPs, a set of stripped-down tracks that's "a series of songs that remind you why people fell in love with this band in the first place," as noted by NPR.

The Third Gleam tracklist:
1. Victory
2. I Should've Spent The Day With My Family
3. Prison to Heaven
4. Back Into the Light
5. Women Like You
6. Untitled #4
7. I Go to My Heart
8. The Fire

"The lyrics, the honesty, the feeling you could be in the room, right there, up close with them as they sing their heart out," NPR added.

Well, that same feeling is just right around the corner. Situated beside two giant red rocks, this is your chance to witness The Avett Brothers perform their rockin' anthems right under the stars. The feeling of singing your heart out to some of their biggest hits - "Live and Die", "February Seven", "Ain't No Man", "High Steppin'", and "I and Love and You" will definitely be a highlight of your lives.

Led by Seth and Scott Avett, the brothers are fueled by passion, and driven by taking real-life emotions to the forefront of their music. With elements of bluegrass, punk, pop, rock, country, and folk in their mix, their music surely stands out from the rest. Despite their dynamic influences and musical growth over the past years, it's more than just their ability to play - it's about how they connect with audiences in each of their songs. With Grammy nominations for Best Americana Album with "The Carpenter", Best American Roots Performance with "Ain't No Man", and Best Americana Album for "True Sadness", you can see why their music has created a great impact in the industry.

"If there was a heart or soul or spirit to everything we do, [The Gleams] orbit a bit closer to that. If there’s layers to an entity or a life, this is kind of at the pure center of it," they shared with The Blue Grass Station, sharing that this is what sets The Gleams apart from their other albums.

With over twenty years of experience in sharing the power of music to the people, an Avett Brothers show live at the Red Rocks is an experience you just can't miss. Though word of a new album is yet to be heard, it's always a great time to celebrate their decades of hits, live on stage.

Don't miss out on The Avett Brothers live at the Red Rocks Amphitheater with Little Feat on July 5th. Book your tickets now!

The Avett Brothers at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

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