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Norwegian folk band WARDRUNA is kicking off an extensive tour, taking place around the globe throughout 2024 and 2025. This year’s run will see the band performing across the US, Latin America, and Europe. With heaps of tour dates on the roster, Wardruna’s kicking off the trek at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. You’re in to witness Wardruna’s exhilarating performances under the stars on Thursday, October 3rd of this fall. The band will be joined by special guest Chelsea Wolfe, known for her genre-bending gothic rock, doom metal, and folk anthems.

Wardruna’s tour follows the release of their new single “Hertan”, and a new viking album in the works. Known for their hypnotic and immersive shows where the band takes on a god-like aura on stage, it’s an ethereal experience you just can’t miss. Get ready to witness the band’s revolutionary music from their upcoming album LIVE!

Kicking off a new era right at the Red Rocks, get ready for a celebration of their hits, fan favorites, and new music. Grab your tickets now!

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WARDRUNA, one of the world’s best-known folk acts from Norway, just announced an extensive global trek as the band kicks off a new era. Hitting the road throughout 2024 and 2025, Wardruna is kicking off the massive tour right at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater—the band’s only stop in the United States. They’ll be joined by gothic rocker, doom metal, and folk singer-songwriter Chelsea Wolf as the show’s special guest. Taking place on October 3rd, get ready for huge surprises as Wardruna unveils a new music LIVE!

“It is always a special feeling to plan and announce a new tour,” frontman Einar Selvik shared about the upcoming tour. “This time, perhaps more so than usual due to the fact that we are visiting quite a few parts of the world where we have yet not performed with Wardruna. We greatly look forward to revisit familiar faces and places with our songs, as well as the chance to make new bonds in new lands.”

With a massive roster of shows lined up, they’re set to create new and special memories with their fans around the world. The tour will see them perform in venues and theaters across the UK, Europe, Norway, Ireland, and so forth. It will also mark the band’s long-awaited first-ever shows in Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand. Marking the start of a new era at the Red Rocks, Selvik shares how the venue holds a special place in the band’s heart.

“The memories of our previous performance at Red Rocks still resonates strongly in us and so it is safe to say that our excitement over the chance to start the new cycle and revisit this unique and legendary place is formidable!” Selvik shared in a release.

Red Rocks Amphitheater is Denver’s #1 live music venue, carving itself a legendary status where world-famous acts have come to perform major tours and shows. Situated in a beautiful natural setting between giant red rocks with Mother Nature as its architect, it’s a renowned concert venue for its natural acoustics and live show experiences under the stars. Having hosted the biggest names in the industry, vikings from all over Denver will get their war march on, towards Red Rocks to experience Warduna LIVE this summer.

Teasing a new album, Wardruna released its newest single “Hertan” with an accompanying video directed by the renowned Tuukka Koski. Filmed amidst cold nights on the Hailouto island in Finland, the video encapsulates the song’s exploration of the heart’s duality. As mythical and ancient-inspired their music is, you can expect the same ethereal experience at the band’s live show.

“Hertan’ is the proto-Scandinavian word for “heart” and that is exactly what we explore in this song and film,” Selvik shared about the new song. “The duality of the heart with the rhythm, flow, and pulse we can see, hear, and feel in nature and in all forms of life – and the more abstract idea of the heart, The rudder on the ship of emotions, our decisions, and our true desires.”

Wardruna, founded in 2003 by former Gorgoroth drummer Einar Selvik, became known for their wonderfully dark and haunting tunes driven by elements of folk, rock, and ambient music. Since then, they’ve dropped a slew of critically acclaimed records, including the Runaljod trilogy with releases between 2009 and 2016. The band also gained massive attention as their music was used as the soundtrack for the TV series “Vikings”.

To date, the band’s lineup includes frontman Einar "Kvitrafn" Selvik, Lindy-Fay Hella on vocals and the flute, Arne Sandvoll on backing vocals and percussions, HC Dalgaard on backing vocals and drums, Eilif Gundersen on horns and flutes, and John Stenersen on the moraharpa.

Acclaimed for their interpretations and inspirations from ancient themes, especially runic-based rites, Wardruna’s music might be peculiar in the modern age, but according to Hannah May Kilroy of the Kerrang! Magazine, “they are exactly what the modern world needs.” Taking it to the live stage, fans have shared how Wardruna shows are majestic, life-changing, and mythical experiences for the soul.

Launching a new era right at the Red Rocks, make sure to save your spots for Wardruna’s show by booking your tickets now.

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