Huge renovations at Red Rocks Amphitheater this 2024!

Red Rocks is having some very exciting improvements this 2024 season. Here we take an exclusive look at the renovations and improvements due for this years concert season at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Find out everything on what’s in store for the amphitheater below.

During the Red Rocks off-season, construction crews and Red Rock staff have been hard at work, ensuring new renovations, improvements and amenities are ready for yet another year of packed live music entertainment. These brave souls worked through the harsh and cold Colorado winter and snow to bring you these highly anticipated upgrades in time for the 2024 concert season.

The Red Rocks amphitheater has seen demand grow for its live events each and every year. These renovations and improvements will allow Red Rocks to continue to deliver exceptional acts and performances long into the future. Red Rocks is expecting a whopping 1.5 million visitors in 2024 and these upgrades means they can easily accommodate for the increased demand.

red rocks accessibility upgrades

What can guests expect?

The renovations focus primarily on accessibility improvements. Although you are sure to notice some asthetic changes and new lighting throughout.

Director of Red Rocks, Tad Bowman said “I think the improvements really help to provide better access to people. Especially folks who may have some mobility disabilities.”

The venue has installed better and easier to navigate slopes and curves for those with mobility disabilities or mobility devices. Making the experience easier and more streamlined from the get go for all visitors.

Phase 1 of Red Rocks’ renovation project is scheduled to be fully completed by end of May 2024, with a number of exciting improvements that guests will immediately notice.

Parking Upgrades

Trading Post Road has also seen the welcome addition of extra parking! Allowing for more guests and less of a walk for guests attending via car. Alongside the additional parking, the road itself has seen some improvements and storm water upgrades. These new parking spots include designated accessible parking.

Slopes in parking lots and ramps have been adjusted to increase accessibility and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Visitors Center

The visitors center now includes an additional 2 ADA upgraded bathrooms.  Along with a family bathroom and gender neutral bathroom.

Many of the rooms in the visitors center have also been completed renovated, to include new installations, artwork and features.

Ship Rock Grill

What about Ship Rock Grill? The well known and very popular grill at Red Rocks remains closed whilst it is being remodelled, but will be open in just a matter of weeks. It will of course, be serving up some of the best meats, BBQ and dishes that patrons have loved over the years.

Brand new kitchen has been installed to ensure quality and speed of food. The Grill will also feature both an indoor and outdoor bar. So guests can now enjoy great food and drinks, alongside a great view in a fantastically redesigned restaurant.


Overall the upgrades just make the whole accessibility experience better for all guests. Less stress and a more enjoyable experience from the moment you arrive.

These improvements really showcase Red Rock’s ongoing commitment to the enjoyment and experience of all guests. It was only a few years ago that Red Rocks revamped it’s stage and roof, at great expense. Red Rocks is incredibly excited about these upgrades and can’t wait to share them with you.

red rocks parking upgrades red rocks visitors center